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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Miss Botswana!

Triple P has spent the last few weeks in Botswana where his hotel stay has been considerably enhanced by the presence in the hotel of the 12 finalists for the Miss Botswana competition.  This takes place here in the hotel in just over a week (sadly after we have returned to England) but the whole place is much improved by their leggy presence.

It most amusing to see them eat their interpretation of meals (mainly smoothies for breakfast, no lunch and salad for dinner).

Smile for the Legatus!

We do not think we have ever seen such a fine display of taut posteriors in our life!  The Force is with us on this trip!  Good luck, ladies!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Podium Girls in prospect

Marie, Sabrina, Mèlanie and Alexandra at the polka dot jersey launch for the Tour de France last week

The Tour de France begins in two weeks, with the prospect of enjoying that hated object of derision by extreme feminists (and wimpy, girly men), the podium girl.

Personally, Triple P can't object to these women making a living by being lovely and personable (the latter being a key criteria). Actually, the pay is not that good, just a couple of thousand euros for a three week tour (although they get food, travel and accommodation costs) but the exposure for models is worth it.  

The Giro del Trentino girls enjoy some April sun earlier this year

They also do a lot of corporate PR work for their sponsors as part of their 12 hour working day, which probably isn't always pleasant.  Still, better than working in a supermarket, although, to be fair many of those at the big tours are well educated students.

If there is anything better than a podium girl it's a podium girl dressed (inexplicably) as a fantasy air hostess, as at this year's Giro start.

Laura, Giorgiaq, Giorgia, and Rita at the Giro

There were some lovely women representing the Giro this year, including madrina Giorgia Palmas (centre, above), who we featured over on Venus Observations in our Giro special in May.

Laura Pagnan

Miss Italy 2008 contestant (she was Miss Liguria) Laura Pagnan has a degree in telecommunications engineering, so is no dumb blonde (well, she probably isn't a blonde, really).

Next month we also have the Tour of Poland as well ,which engendered this fine wide angle shot of their girls at the beginning of the time trial last year.

Agent Triple P has travelled to Poland a lot over the last fifteen years and there are, indeed, some lovely women there and the Tour de Pologne is famous for the high quality of its podium girls..

The Tour of Poland route announcement in Warsaw earlier this year had some of the podium girls on parade.  The lady in the middle isn't a podium girl, we should add, but an official of the international cycling union, the UCI.

While we enjoyed the young ladies at the Giro d'Italia this year nothing quite competes with the phalanx of leggy lovelies at the Tour, who are the ne plus ultra of podium girls from any country and in any sport. Many of them have been former or current holders of the Miss France title, one of the more difficult beauty pageants to win, we would have thought.

Of course not all women on a cycling podium are podium girls and we love this joyous shot of the Twenty16 Ridebiker team after winning the team title at the 2016 women's Tour of California.  Well done, ladies!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hot in the City

After getting drenched by rain yesterday Triple P was in London today and it was baking hot: 26 centigrade (78F).  The Underground was sweltering and we were in non air conditioned buildings all day.  Phew!

Still, there were compensations and this young lady in the floaty, flirty shorts walking up Charing Cross Road today was one of them.  Lovely, but it's still unfair that women can dress like this when men have to wear suits and ties!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flaming June continues with torrential rain...

I've just come back from the Post Office and got completely drenched walking from the car park (about 100 yards).  It was like tropical rain and yesterday there were bad flash floods not far from where Triple P lives.

Not far from me, yesterday

Today's trip was at least enlivened by a lady in the Post Office who was as wet as I was, except she was wearing a flimsy cotton sun dress (it was lovely and sunny only half an hour before) which had gone completely transparent, revealing every detail of her very nice lacy lingerie.  Although I am still wet at least I was cheered up by the sodden lady who carried off the look with an engaging air of insouciance.  She wasn't quite as exposed as this lady but not far off.  It's an ill wind...

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Hemsley Sisters...demoted!

After our post on the diabolical Hemsley sisters a couple of weeks ago, we are delighted to see in the news that that their annoying, nutritionally dubious TV cooking programme has been moved from Monday to the less prestigious Friday nights because of plummeting ratings. 

TV executives believe that Friday is a graveyard slot for programmes because everyone is out on Friday night (well, TV executives are; looking for biodynamic dinner in Islington) so this is a big negative against their chances of getting a second series. 

In addition, real cooks and nutritionists are pointing out that the Hemsleys have no training in either cooking or nutrition and that their fixation on dropping some types of food from your diet (basically anything that tastes nice) leaves you not getting enough nutrients. 

I am sure that it was their deluded espousal of a spinach infested "full monty" cooked breakfast that put paid to their reputations more than anything else. No second series for you I think! Spralise that, twittering twiglets!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Jasmine Hemsley when she was a model and before she started torturing vegetables.  She looks quite nice; unlike her diabolical excuse for food.

She was scouted by a model agency in the Bentalls Centre, a shopping mall in Kingston, the nearest big town to where Triple P lives.  In fact Triple P's mother worked in Bentalls Department store in the fifties.  Even more scary Jasmine Hemsley went to Tiffin Girls School as did our mother!  

Both sisters come from Surbiton, less than seven miles from where Triple P lives now.  Doesn't stop us despising their awful food and twittering delivery, though.

"Buy our book! Buy our Book!"  Frankly, my dears, I 'd rather eat Kim Jung Un's vomit than one of your green infested recipes.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Call that a breakfast? The diabolical Hemsley sisters and their biodynamic vege-mania.

Jasmine and Melissa  Aren't we thin?

Now the idea of two attractive young sisters presenting a cookery programme in floaty dresses should be ideal for Agent Triple P.  But we have just been driven to distraction by watching Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley which had its second episode today (note the trendy replacement of the ampersand with a plus sign to make them look like an architects firm or a trendy lifestyle brand  -which is obviously what they want to be). "We can't believe we have our own TV show!" gush the girls on their website.  No, we can't believe it either as your on screen style is extremely irritating, as you twitter around like Kiki the Frog from Hector's House

Kiki the Frog shows what happens to you if you eat too many vegetables

Melissa and Jasmine are half Filipina which explains their slightly exotic look and their insistence on cooking everything in ghee (which used to be considered really unhealthy but is now considered healthy, apparently) or coconut oil.  Jasmine used to be a model so had to be a professional twiglet but both look seriously underfed.  Their healthy eating blog/TV show/recipe book is also full of meditation/mind-body interface New Age hippy nonsense.  They are believers in biodynamic agriculture; a 1920s precursor to organic farming with added  metaphysical and spiritual elements which "embraces the mystery of all life processes, including the subtle and energetic realities that are not necessarily easy to measure or justify using current scientific methods."  Hopeless bunkum, therefore. If you can't measure it by scientific methods its just fantasy!

Today, they showcased their "healthy" cooked 'full monty' breakfast.

You can tell everything about this horrific concoction by looking at a picture of it.  A full monty?  Perhaps, if you are a twittering, metropolitan, meditating twiglet girl. There should be no green food at breakfast. Ever! Asparagus?  Spinach?  Seriously?  Even worse, it is all baked in the oven!  Baked spinach with baked eggs on top! Argh! Disgusting.  We are sick of people banging on about how delicious vegetables are.  You know, they're really not! People eat vegetables because they are told they are healthy, they actually have no sense of taste or they are too squeamish to eat meat.  No one really likes them!  Except girls and that is because they are fixated on being thin, as they worry more about what they look like rather than what they do.  Courgettes, broccoli, leafy green vegetables etc. all taste of water with added iron filings.  Swedes, carrots, parsnips etc. taste like wood.  Ugh!

They then made a disgusting bolognese ragu with far too much grated carrot and served it with cold spiralised courgettes.  They seem to be the leading prophets of the incomprehensible spiralised vegetable movement in the UK. They have their own branded spiraliser, of course. We will not be watching them again!

In contrast, we have been enjoying Rick Stein's cooking series, where he goes to a European city for a long weekend.  He has been to Bordeaux, Reykjavik, Berlin and Vienna.  Stein (unlike the twittering Hemsleys) has a very engaging TV style   He doesn't faff about with healthy cooking methods either.   Taste is king.  In fact the amount of butter he uses alarms even Triple P!  He has a fundamental flaw, though, which to us is as incomprehensible as a love of vegetables.  He has an inexplicable fixation on fish.  It is almost a fatal flaw from the point of view of cooking programmes.  So when he visits somewhere like Berlin or Vienna, which are both meat eating centres, ostensibly he goes back to his kitchen to then cook a local dish from the city he has visited.  But in the last two episodes not having had any fish in the city, he then goes home and cooks fish dishes.  We know he has made a career out of being Britain's Mr Fish (who on earth voluntarily eats fish in a restaurant?) but really, this is cheating!

Shudder!  Fish and vegetables!  We need to cheer ourselves up now.  This is a proper breakfast, which we had in February at Morrison's supermarket cafe.  Note the complete lack of green! The banana belongs to a friend.  Another worthless foodstuff, bananas taste like slimy, compressed cotton wool. Fruit is for monkeys!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Aliona!

It's May Day today which means it is Agent Triple P's favourite Strictly Come Dancing star Aliona Vilani's birthday today.  Kazakh born Aliona is 32 but has sadly quit the show to start a family.  Her sulky, sultriness will be hard to match in this year's series.