Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter...from the Easter Bunny!

This year's Easter Bunny is Nancy Boyles from Playboy's Lake Geneva club.  She competed in Playboy's first  Bunny of the Year competition in 1970.  She came in as third runner up but the Press Association photographers at the event voted her "most photogenic".

Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kelly Brook swimwear for New Look

It's a lovely sunny morning today in Surrey and what better way to enhance it than some lovely sunny pictures of the lovely Kelly Brook.

Here she is modelling New Look's latest swimwear range; which has a nineteen fifties inspiration to it.  These are very flattering and should sell well, we predict.  Which is exactly what we want so New Look will use her again.

These shots were taken in Miami earlier in the year with Kelly (whose size does vary) looking splendidly fulsome of figure at this point.

This is the fourth swimwear collection Kelly has "designed" for New Look, although we are not sure exactly what input she actually has into the creative process.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Carina Tyrell: Miss Cambridgeshire 2014

We haven't had a beauty queen on the Adventures of Triple P for some time so here is the lovely Carina Tyrell who won the Miss Cambridgeshire contest on Sunday.  She will go on to the Miss England competition in Torquay in June for a shot at competing in Miss World.

Now usually a Miss Cambridgeshire wouldn't make the national press but Carina is a medical student at Cambridge University, so is far from the stereotypical dumb girl image of beauty queens.  She is the first student doctor to qualify for the Miss England competition.  The organisers are very excited about her participation as she certainly fulfills their "beauty with a purpose" motto.  They say she has a good chance in the finals.  If I were them I'd jolly well ensure she won in June.  They're unlikely to get such good publicity from anyone else.  I am sure the competition is all perfectly fair, however!

24 year old Carina is attending Murray Edwards college which, in Triple P's day was better know as New Hall.  We travelled to Cambridge for the first time during our first year at Oxford to attend the birthday party of a school friend. At this  party we hooked up with a nice young lady from New Hall whose name completely escapes our memory but whose curvy, petite body does not.  A very different looking creature from the darkly elegant Miss Tyrell, anyway.

What an effective dress!

The last Oxford College (St Hilda's) went mixed in 2008 leaving Cambridge's Murray Edwards, Newnham and Lucy Cavendish Colleges as the only three women only university institutions in the country.

Carina has to fit her modelling around her studies and her work at Addenbrooke's hospital. 

Nice waist to hip ratio!

What a splendid young lady she is!  She could take our pulse any day.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's BOXED set!

A boxed set

English, of course, is a language that continuously evolves and there are no ill-advised attempts, as in France, to preserve the language in aspic.  However, one recent evolution is starting to annoy Triple P and that is the way that a collection of, for example, DVDs in a box is described.

A boxed set

Years ago Triple P became aware of the term which then was usually applied to a set of LP records (an opera, for example, or a collection of symphonies) which was called a boxed set.  It was a set of records which had been boxed.

A box set

Today, however, the term being increasingly used is box set.  This is wrong.  It's not a set of boxes.  Perhaps this is some sloppy American way of saying things but it makes Triple P cringe every time he sees it.  Grrr!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Calendar Girl March 2014: Denise Schaefer

Just time to post March's calendar girl before the end of the month.  Here we have the really rather fine form of Miss Denise Schaefer.

Agent Triple P hadn't heard of  Miss Schaefer before but apparently she is a Californian model; although she was born in Lima, Peru.

She triumphantly passes the Triple P "does she look good in a white vest?" test.

Somewhat depressingly, she is just nineteen years old, so doesn't seem to have had time yet to appear in Sports Illustrated, work for Victoria's Secret, launch her own lingerie range or espouse a fashionable charity.  We are sure all these things will come in due course.

She first made an impact last year by appearing in a series of entertaining shots taken in a shoe warehouse whilst advertising shoes, naturally.

She is 5' 10" tall and has a very pleasing 34C-24-34 figure.  She appears to have no unsightly tattoos, we are pleased to see.

She has a nicely pert posterior and very long legs.

From the front elevation she has a rather bigger bust than most models, with a pleasing midsection, a discernable waist, a neat belly button and a face that can do girl next door as well as sultry sex kitten.

She has just appeared in her first short film (in the not very challenging role of "American model") and it will be interesting to see if her career continues to develop, as she doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry yet.  A celebrity boyfriend or music video next, perhaps.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Big Breakfast of the Week 17: Chipolatas from Maurice Jones and Sons

A home cooked effort today with Clarence Court's lovely duck eggs and a new discovery, chipolatas from Maurice Jones & Sons butchers of Oatlands.

We recently discovered the traditional butcher's shop of Maurice Jones in Oatlands, close to Weybridge, about eight miles from where Triple P lives.  We bought some of his sausages, which are made on the premises, and as soon as we had them we went back for more, as they were probably the best sausages we have ever eaten.  When grilled they had almost no fat and didn't shrink like so many supermarket offerings.  

Maurice Jones' sons Russell and Lewis display their prize winning porkers

We have since discovered that they won a prize for best sausages in London and the South East a few years ago.  We also discovered that you have to get to their shop pretty early at the weekend if you want to buy them!  So on our last visit we had to make do with the chipolatas but they were superb too!  Their bacon is equally excellent!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Calendar Girl February 2014: Kaley Cuoco

We're a bit late with our February calendar girl because of all the research needed for our Winter Olympics Venuses over at Venus Observations.  However, we are determined that each lady from the FHM calendar appears in the correct month so we have temporarily stopped looking at pictures of toned snowboarders, skiers and skaters to present Caley Cuoco.

We have to say that we have never heard of Miss Cuoco but it seems she is an American actress.  She appears in a TV show called The Big Bang Theory but we have never heard of that either.

Apparently, it is shown on British TV but it must be one of those late night offerings.  Triple P very rarely watches TV and prefers to catch up on TV series by buying DVD boxed sets.  Incidentally, where has all this recent use of "box set" rather than "boxed set" come from?  It is a set of DVD that has been boxed not a set of boxes!  Annoying!

Anyway The Big Bang Theory is, apparently, an American comedy series and Triple P doesn't watch comedies (particularly American ones which seem to mainly consist of people shouting very loudly and overacting) as he has no sense of humour and finds little to laugh about in the world.

Anyway, Ms Cuoco, who is from California seems very happy to pose in scanty clothing (although not less).  She is not really Triple P's type so we doubt that we will seek out her TV show.

She did appear in a series which Triple P did enjoy, Charmed, but only in the final series which we haven't got to yet.  Something to look forward too, then.