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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy Birthday to me (and Rachel Riley)!

 It is Agent Triple P's birthday today so we need no excuse to post some more pictures of one of the few famous (at least in Britain) people also born on January 11th.

We wonder what particular aspect of pert TV quiz Countdown numbers whizz and science presenter Rachel Riley which we respond to?

We last gazed, raptly, upon Miss Riley's derriere when she was in the 2013 series of Strictly Come Dancing. Going out in week six, as she really had no dancing skills whatsoever (a state of affairs I have a great deal of sympathy with), viewers were stunned to learn that the 'Curse of Strictly' had struck again.

This is an observable phenomenon where celebrity dancers on Strictly either break up with their existing partners while on the show or hook up with their professional partner romantically (or both).  After she left the show (and her husband (first, she claims)) Rachel started an affair with her professional dance partner Pasha Kovalev.  

They are still together, although what Oxford Maths graduate Rachel and Siberian born dancer Pasha find to talk about is intriguing.  She is currently learning Russian so she can talk to his family. 

What is Russian for 'bend over', I wonder?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

Jessica Ennis-Hill annunces retirement

We need no excuse to post pictures of the lovely Jessica Ennis-Hill, who announced her retirement from athletics yesterday. In 2012, as the poster girl of the London Olympics, she was hugely visible in the media yet, despite this enormous weight of expectation, went on to take the gold medal in the heptathlon.

She just missed out in Rio, taking a silver, having taken time out to have a baby but, at the age of thirty, it will be nice for her to stop the punishing training for this multi-event discipline.

Although we enjoy shots of her displaying her iconic abdomen and pert derriere, this shot of her as an Amazonian Britannia is really stunning.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oti Mabuse for Strictly Come Dancing

Given Agent Triple P has spent five of the past eleven weeks in Africa we have come to appreciate the looks of African ladies.  Featuring in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing is gorgeous South African dancer Oti (Otlile) Mabuse, who does a lot to offset the loss of Ola Jordan and Aliona Vilani from the programme.

It's her second series of Strictly but she didn't last long in last year's show, thanks to her hopeless celebrity partner.  This year her partner looks like one of the best dancers in the competition so we are looking forward to seeing much more of her endless legs and un-dancer-like but very fine bust.

Twenty six year old Oti was born in Pretoria and has a civil engineering degree, appropriately, given her own very fine construction.  Her mother ran a dance school and she started dancing when she was four, turning professional after leaving university.  She appeared in the German version of Strictly before being spotted by the BBC.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Club Beer in Monrovia...

Agent Triple P is in Liberia at present and when in a new country (this is the 67th we have visited) we like to drink the local beer.  Here in Liberia we have the Monrovia brewed (although using European hops and malt) Club Beer.  This is really not a bad lager at all and has rather more body and taste than the Botswana equivalent we had a few months ago.

Monrovia Breweries Incorporated is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year and having put behind them a bad civil war and a major Ebola outbreak we are very happy to support Liberia's local brewing industry, which provides much needed employment in this very poor country, rather than buying any of the selection of foreign beers on sale at the hotel.

We had our first one in the really rather chi chi bar at the top of our (very good) hotel.  Since then we have had quite a few more!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The top 100 films of the 21st century

The BBC has just announced the results of a survey looking for the most highly regarded films of the 21st Century so far.  I looked at the list and realised I had only seen two of them.  Oh dear, I am not a film buff.   I am not an intellectual, either.  With many of these films, I would rather watch an episode of the Open University on fluid dynamics than endure some of the pretentious tripe loved by film critics.

My watched ones were:

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2006) which I quite enjoyed but am amazed it ranks at number 6..  I saw it at the cinema with Agent DVD
45. Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013).  Borrowed Agent DVD's Blu-ray. Quite enjoyed it (parts of it quite a lot indeed). Very pretentiously French.

I wonder how many Agent DVD has seen? 

The number one film was David Lynch's Mulholland Drive which, of course, I haven't seen, although partly because the DVD version is cut compared with the cinema version, something I hate.