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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Helena Christensen: Skinny?

I had dinner last night with Agent DVD who was opining about his list of top 5 attractive women. Needless to say Monica Bellucci was top of his list (fair enough!). I couldn't immediately come up with a list as my tastes tend to vary but I was trying to think of a top model who might fit the bill and Helena Christensen came to mind. Maybe it's because I have been in Denmark recently and was much taken by the strapping Danish Women on bikes I saw pedalling around Copenhagen. Agent DVD, however, thought she was "too skinny". Now I have to disagree here as she is one of the least skinny supermodels. She has hips, she has a bust, she is not built like Kate Moss. Here is the evidence. My favourite is the one at the bottom -nice vest!

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