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Monday, November 26, 2007

Alesha: still jiggling

Alesha Dixon was particularly effective in another splendid frock (and I'm sure she is) in this weekend's Strictly Come Dancing. Jiggling about to Crazy in Love she has easily supplanted Kelly Brook for our affections. Sadly, the Strictly Come Dancing viewers, as evidenced by the BBC website forum, do not seem to like her on the basis that she: has failed to progress (she was good on day one and is still good) or, she has danced before and is not a true beginner. Well, well, Agent Triple P thinks that given most of the viewers are ugly middle aged women of course they don't like her and for the same reason they don't like Kelly Brook; she is far too attractive. Of course they prefer East Enders barrel Letitia Dean as she looks like most of them do. Sadly, we think neither Kelly nor Alesha will win and possibly not even make it to the final.

Ugly women. What is the point?

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