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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Miss November: Marisa Miller

Our Miss November, Californian born Marisa Miller, is nearly thirty but then Sports Illustrated has had a history of using older models.

Her famous iPod picture is currently being considered by Apple for a global campaign.

She was a top volleyball player at college (you can see her fine technique) but was spotted in San Franciso by a couple of Italian modelling agents and whisked off to Spagh-land shortly thereafter.

She is unusual in starting her career doing topless modelling (for Perfect Ten, a girlie magazine for men who don't like girlie magazines) and then progressing to catalogue (Victoria's Secret, naturally) and then catwalk (or runway as we should really call it).

Agent Triple P is not that fond of Californian rent-a-blondes and Marisa seems to have some detractors on the web but we are impressed with certain aspects of her.

Unusually, for an American model she is not shy about displaying her assets.

So whilst not being quite dark and obvious enough for us she certainly ranks in the top half for this year.

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