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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why are long legs sexy?

Well, according to yet another bunch of, got nothing better to do, academics, it's because they signify good health. This according to the boffins at Wroclaw University in Poland.

However, it's not all good news for leggy lovelies like Adriana Sklenarikova (above) as they also reported that excessively long legs are not so attractive, as they may indicate a small torso which means potential childbearing difficulties.

Another rent-a-boffin, Dr George Fieldman, from Buckinghamshire New University (er, where?), said "It's interesting that those with slightly longer legs were deemed more attractive than the very long ones. People prefer a slight improvement, but not so that it becomes outlandish." Actually, we think Dr Fieldman is spot on here. But mainly because very long legs tend to be skinny and lacking in shape, which are not to Agent Triple P's taste. We like a bit of muscle on our girlie's legs!

Current record holder for the longest legs is German uber-babe Nadja Auermann who has 44" legs. Sorry, too long for me!

Nadja: much too long!

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