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Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost Babes: Ayshea Brough

Just a very, very nice outfit in almost every way.

Whilst watching UFO recently HMS seemed to be particularly taken by what he referred to as a "gratuitous" shot of an actress walking towards the film studio which served as cover for SHADO HQ. Agent Triple P doesn't really understand the term "gratuitous" when it comes to anything to do with young women on the screen.

The actress in question was Ayshea Brough who was also presenter of children's TV pop show Lift Off from 1969 to 1974. She recorded some songs of her own but they failed to make any impression in the charts and she moved to Beverly Hills in the eighties where she worked as an interior designer. Now 60 she is a property developer and lives in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

One of a whole host of lovelies from this Gerry Anderson show which we are sure we will return to in the future.


  1. Ayshea Brough, Was one Special Lady. When She was on UFO. And was so Lovely . Hope she still Looks as Great as She was. Made the show Great to Watch, she was in the back ground allot. Wish she could have had bigger parts. She is just as Beautiful as Padma Lakshmi. is today. To bad she didnt get a bigger break. When she was at her prime. GOD BLESS.

  2. Some nice old pix of Ayesha.

    We were good mates in the late '70's I did a Summer Season with her in Scarborough (I was actually in the Lonnie Donegan group) and she and her then husband Chris Brough and my wife Ondrea spent some good times together.

    I hope she is well and doing well.

    Thanks for posting


  3. I think what added to Ayshea's mystery is that she just faded away after the mid seventies (minus appearing in Celebrity Squares)& people such as myself who remember her from childhood wondered what became of her?: A kind of 'James Dean' but while still being around!

    The late 60s/early 70s were another time-another place & much has changed in the world, but I recall Aysea's sexy image in her white cat-suit working deep down in SHADO HQ with much fondness. It was a time when people visioned the future as squeaky clean,& almost utopian.

    There's an excellent, recent interview with her in 'Lush' on the Net & her Anglo-Asian features really have maintained her beauty! A very beautiful, charming abd intriguing lady!xx

  4. Had a wonderful day with Ayshea a few weeks ago and me and our joint friend Frazier Hines are having lunch
    with her this Sunday 16thSept.
    i have been friends with Ayshea 40 years and yes she is as lovely as ever.
    alan Whitehead ex drummer Marmalade