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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Miss February 2: Emma Griffiths

B has written to Agent Triple P complaining that there are too many pictures of rockets and not enough pictures of babes of late. She has also pointed out that the Germans led the war in post war rocketry despite being forced to work for everyone else. "How demeaning for those Germans who had to work for the French" she says with commendable Teutonic arrogance!

So here, as an anti-rocket device (isn't that a Patriot missile?) is Emma Griffiths, Miss February from my alternate calendar.

Miss Griffiths is a 31 year old ex-model and TV presenter from Birmingham (oh dear).
She was a proper model (i.e. not a Page 3 girl or someone draped over the bonnet of a car for Max Power), working for Elle, Chanel, Gap and Vogue.

She now works for the sort of TV stations that Agent Triple P doesn't watch, such as Sky, MTV and the really annoying E! Entertainment.

So we have no idea what she is like as a TV presenter but she is quite effective as a model.

Nice outfit!

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