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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sainsburys Robot Tills


So, we went to the new Sainsburys near our office and there were no check out girls! Now Agent Triple P tends to spend a lot of time selecting his checkout girl but now they are all going to be replaced by these automatic, robotic horrors.

For a start we can't see the writing on their piddling little screens. Then there is about ten stages you have to go through to buy anything. It takes much longer than having a nice girlie. And we didn't get a receipt. It's just like the cursed online check-in at airports. How can you get an upgrade if you can't flirt with the check-in girl.

Progress? Humbug! We will stick to Tesco Metro from now on!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kate Beckinsale 2

The answer is yes!

A few more rather fine pictures of Kate to add to yesterday's sample. One of these is my favourite as it demonstrates triumphally that she passes the critical Agent Triple P "does she look good in a vest?" test.

Kate went to Oxford where she read French and Russian but dropped out after her year abroad (in Paris) having already made five films including Much Ado About Nothing where she was completely luminous.

That's it Kate! you don't need them!

Apparently she really hates wearing knickers. Well, we think we hate her wearing them too.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kate Beckinsale

We had a very long missive from HMS today, giving us a review of the DVD capability of his new Playstation 3. To be honest it was really aimed at Agent DVD and we were merely copied in. This is just as well as he lost us about half way through.

One of the DVDs he was testing on his new set up was Underworld, with Kate Beckinsale; an actress he appears to approve of.

Now we approve of Kate Beckinsale as well, despite only having seen her in Pearl Harbor (which we rather enjoyed-after all what's not to like in Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Garner in nurses' uniforms) and Van Helsing, which was rather less satisfactory.

Surprisingly, we have not watched Underworld, even though we have the DVD of both it and the sequel.

However, it rather sounds like the sort of film we might enjoy but we need to find a clear evening when we can watch it in one go rather than in our usual disjointed fashion.

Anyway, here are a few High Definition photographs of Miss Beckinsale.

We find her much more attractive than Keira Knightley but then maybe that is because, whilst slender, she has proved that she can put weight on (10lbs for Van Helsing, 20lbs for The Aviator) and attain a more Agent Triple P approved figure.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost Babes: Ayshea Brough

Just a very, very nice outfit in almost every way.

Whilst watching UFO recently HMS seemed to be particularly taken by what he referred to as a "gratuitous" shot of an actress walking towards the film studio which served as cover for SHADO HQ. Agent Triple P doesn't really understand the term "gratuitous" when it comes to anything to do with young women on the screen.

The actress in question was Ayshea Brough who was also presenter of children's TV pop show Lift Off from 1969 to 1974. She recorded some songs of her own but they failed to make any impression in the charts and she moved to Beverly Hills in the eighties where she worked as an interior designer. Now 60 she is a property developer and lives in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

One of a whole host of lovelies from this Gerry Anderson show which we are sure we will return to in the future.

Lost Babes: Gabrielle Drake

The sexiest purple wig in TV history

We had a most enjoyable lunch with HMS today who has given us much to ponder on as regards future content of this blog. He mentioned that he had been watching Gerry Anderson's paranoid classic UFO. Agent Triple P caught an episode of this too, recently, and was much taken by Gabrielle Drake as Lt Gay Ellis.

Nice boots

Is the Chicken Tikka done yet?

So young, so cute!

Oh my goodness!

Fancy a shag?

She isn't really a lost babe as she still turns up in the occasional TV drama even now, appearing in Heartbeat in 2006.

She has never looked finer than in her bacofoil outfit and purple wig as the commander of Moonbase (although her character was later demoted for having a fling with one of her interceptor pilots and sent back to Earth). Back on Earth, and working at SHADO HQ, she had to forego her purple wig, however.

Gabrielle was born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1944 and now lives in a converted Abbey in the Midlands. Her brother was tragic sixties hippy singer songwriter Nick Drake

 Heavenly body!

In 1972 she appeared in British film The Au Pair Girls playing a Swedish au pair and happily removed her clothes to reveal a splendid body which we could only imagine beneath the bacofoil outfit of UFO.

Gabrielle in her forties-possibly even more attractive!

We were in Forbidden Planet this week and they had a Lt Gay Ellis doll! A bargain at £29.99!

Gabrielle today. Still very, very attractive!

Norman Bel Geddes

Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958) was a designer whose career spanned both the theatrical and industrial worlds in the inter-war years.

Norman Melancton Geddes was born in Adrian, Michigan, the son of a Pittsburgh stockbroker.

Art Institute of Chicago

He studied at Ohio's Cleveland Institute of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago and began his career as a draftsman in Chicago and Detroit in 1913 and later worked as a scenic designer for the Metropolitan Opera in New York. His adopted name was an amalgamation of his and his wife's: Helen Belle Sneider.

Following his successful stint in New York he also designed film sets in Hollywood for Cecil B DeMille (Feet of Clay 1924) and DW Griffith (The Sorrows of Satan 1926) in Hollywood. Shortly afterwards, in 1927, he began his work in the industrial sphere for Ray Graham of Graham-Paige Motors company. This firm made cars up until the late forties. They then moved into the real estate business and bought Madison Square Garden before being absorbed by the Gulf & Western company. Bel Geddes designed a number of concept cars for Graham-Paige but none of them were actually built.

More importantly, in 1928 he was commisioned by the Simmons Company to design some bedroom furniture which was actually produced. His 1931 House of Tomorrow was featured in Ladies Home Journal and became a major force in the streamlining movement.

His work became increasingly conceptual and futuristic and he not only designed cars, trains, ships and aircraft but consumer products as well.

His Manhattan Skyscraper cocktail set (1936) is hugely sought after.

Big Train

Harley Earl was significantly influenced by Bel Geddes in his design for the Union Pacific M 10000 locomotive.

In the same year (1934) Bel Geddes designed the interior of the Pan Am China clipper flying boat.

His Oriole stove for the Standard Gas Equipment Company in 1936 set the model for all future kitchen stoves.

In 1937 he designed a model City of Tomorrow with expressways which featured in an advertisement for Shell.

He later expanded on this concept in a General Motors exhibit for the 1939 World's Fair in New York. Set in a future 1960, the motorways had more of an influence on post-war American freeway design than his teardrop shaped cars did.

Today, his cars and buses look gloriously dated whereas his cities still look remarkably contemporary.

His practice ran into financial trouble in the late forties and closed, leaving one of his last commissions to be completed by one of his former employees, Elliot Noyes: the IBM Model A electric typewriter of 1948.

One of his greatest designs was for the Airliner No. 4 but that extraordianary project deserves an entry of its own.

He was the father of actress Barbara Bel Geddes, best known for playing family matriarch Miss Ellie Ewing in the series Dallas (for which she was the first actor signed, in 1978). She also starred in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958).

Bel Geddes influence is still seen today and Agent Triple P feels he should be better known. His book, Horizons, can sometimes be bought second hand, if you have an enormous amount of money!