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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lost Babes: Cindy Morgan

Cindy in Tron

Disney has just announced the lead actor in the sequel to Tron (1982). It seems completely pointless to do a sequel to a film from 26 years ago the only point of which was to demonstrate the (then) cutting edge computer animation. CGI is so common now we cannot imagine that they could produce anything to rival the impact the original had.


Also, for Triple P, much of the impact was down to the luminously beautiful Cindy Morgan whose bizarre computer enhanced catsuit only served to emphasise her perfect visage.

Fancy a suck?

Prior to Tron she had famously stripped off for the intermittently funny Caddyshack (1980) where she played a character with the splendid name of Lacey Underall. Actually much sexier was her thumb sucking scene. Several years ago we went on a business trip to Portugal with a young lady who sucked her thumb. It was most distracting!

The producers of this film had a Playboy photographer on set during her naked scene to catch Cindy's undeniable charms but, sadly for posterity, she kicked him off. Now, of course, after a none too stellar career, the highlight of which was a 16 episode stint on California vinyard soap Falcon Crest, she is talking to Playboy at the age of 52.


Nevertheless, in her prime she was a splendid creature and still looks pretty good today!

Still cute


  1. Superb. Just saw the original TRON again after 20 years...forgot how hard we all wanted to hit Cindy Morgan back in the 1980s.

  2. Cindy as the femme fatale in Caddyshack- she teased us boys with a bit of flesh in said film. Classic beauty, with a hint of naughtiness.