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Monday, June 29, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot...

We were in a taxi today travelling from the office to Westminster and the cab thermometer claimed it was 33 degrees outside. Phew. It's actually so hot in London that it's almost distracting us from the barely dressed girls on the Tube. Almost. We are particularly enjoying the up the skirt show on the tube escalators.

On an internet forum Triple P frequents some American was saying how he couldn't believe that we had built a metro system with no air conditioning. Doh! (as a typical American cultural icon is wont to say). That's because our metro was built in 1863 whilst you were still trying to violently abolish slavery. Most of the current system was finished by 1906, rather before the invention of air conditioning. Never mind Mayor Boris promises we'll have it on some lines next year. So there goes next summer's good weather...

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