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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Star Wars Car Wash

S sent me this picture which we just had to share.  Star Wars "Jabba the Hut slave girls guarded by a stromtrooper" car wash is genius! 

More of these instead of the grumpy looking Poles in plastic leather jackets or the dodgy looking Somalis we usually get around here would be worth quite a lot of extra money.  We'd need better weather though...


  1. Sexy carwashes are a creepy fundraising tradition in America. I only say creepy because it's usually 15 year old girls from the local gymnastics squad in tiny shorts and middle aged men in their midlife-crisis-mobiles. I always find it amusing that communities that relegate strip clubs to the hinter-regions will willingly support this sudsy combo of commerce, and underage exhibitionism.

  2. That does sound rather creepy. Maybe the grumpy Polish people aren't so bad.

    I suspect that these particular ladies are well past school age!