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Monday, November 8, 2010

Arielle Dombasle at the Crazy Horse

Agent DVD popped over yesterday and, whether he wanted to or not, helped out with some jobs (like turning the dinghy over for the winter).  As a not really big enough thank you we leant him our DVD of Arielle Dombasle at the Crazy Horse.

Now, Agent Triple P is a particular fan of Ms Dombasle and would have given his eye teeth to see her series of performances at the Crazy Horse in Paris in February 2007. We can't think of an English or American actress who, in her mid-fifties, would strip off completely whilst singing on stage and, above all, still look sensational doing so.  Bravo Arielle!

Agent Triple P has, sadly, never been to the Crazy Horse in Paris although we have been to the one in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where they have an exact copy of the theatre and quite some of the most beautiful girls we have ever seen.

It's an excellent show and quite suitable for taking a young lady along to, as we did. In fact a good half of the audience were women when S and Triple P went along. Well worth doing if you are ever in either Las Vegas or Paris.  Sadly, there will be no Arielle though!


  1. And how do _we_ get a copy of the DVD?

    I was treated to a show once at the Crazy Horse in Paris. Fantastic.

  2. ...and where may we find the DVD of Mlle. Dombasle's show?

    I went to the Crazy Horse in Paris once. It was fun....

  3. Amazon France!