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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The return of Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly's Ola Jordan

One of Triple P's guilty pleasures is Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars in the US) so we were delighted to watch the preview programme last night. 

Usually there is a TV babe or two (like last year's winner Kara Tointon) to enjoy but this year, hammered by accusations of ageism as regards women the BBC has presented a celebrity line up of older ladies.  We have to say that sixties pop poppet Lulu still looks great at 62.  The show does feature Australian actress and warbler Holly Valance though, who Triple P admired a few years ago.

Holly in her heyday

The lady dancers haven't changed this year so we have the welcome return of grumpy dancing Pole (as opposed to pole dencer) Ola Jordan and Triple P's current favourite, the classically gorgeous Canadian-Lithuianian Katya Virshilas. 

Katya Virshilas: Hot to foxtrot

We're looking forward to seeing them all gyrating around in tiny sparkly outfits over the next few months.


  1. Good old-fashioned family entertainment which provides scantily clad saucy ladies. Splendid! Nancy (Sven's ex) should also be interesting. Cheri Lunghi provided memorable 'mature allure' in a recent series.

  2. The only problem we have with Nancy (and we have quite a history with Italian ladies) is that her skin looks like it has been roasted to the same shiny texture and colour as you get on a Peking duck.