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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Calendar Girl February 2012: Emily O'Hara

Emily in her calendar picture

Well, we have just managed to get in February's calendar girl; someone who we have never heard of this month.  Indeed it is very hard to find anything out about Emily O'Hara other than she is a Page 3 girl (largely for the Daily Star) and comes from Warrington, Cheshire. Actually, she has a rather pleasing northern accent, as far as we can tell from a video we saw of her, but then we have fond memories of women from Cheshire!

Sadly, she is a WAG; being the girlfriend of footballer Tom Cleverley, who we have never heard of either.  Twenty four year old Emily doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry yet but we think she looks rather fine.  All she needs is a turn on Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing on Ice!

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  1. stunning emilyyyyy