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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The National Cafe: Triple P's favourite tea...gone!

Agent Triple P often needs somewhere to meet visitors in London when he is not in the City and a very good place for tea is the National Cafe at the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square.  Up until recently they have offered three set teas (over and above the basic cream tea):  The Classic Afternoon Tea for £15, which included sandwiches, a scone and some cakes, The Lady Hamilton for £21.50, which was the same but with a glass of Prosecco or a Bellini and Triple P's favourite, The Lord Nelson for £19.00.  This was rather different as it was more savoury and featured appropriately nautical crab sandwiches and a cheese scone with onion marmalade.  Triple P often used to share this with a companion who would eat all the cakes and pastries and leave the scone and sandwiches to Triple P.  Also include was a glass of Manzanilla or Tawny port which provided a very civilised finish to a late afternoon tea.

The National Cafe

Sadly, credit crunch rationalisation has seen the end of the Lord NelsonThe Lady Hamilton has been upgraded to a Champagne tea and the Classic remains the same but the Lord Nelson is no more.  Fortunately we immortalised it with our phone camera last time we had one.


  1. A chap should be able to get a crab sandwich and onion marmalade on his scone in the capital! The admiral himself has turned on his column and is viewing the National Gallery with nautical disdain!

  2. Quite! It's a disgrace! I blame the French! And the Spanish!