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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Agent Triple P...back in action

We are away from the UK for a bit so there will be less posts for a while.  We have come to a country that produced one of Agent Triple P's favourite women from when he was a teenager.  It's the first time we have been to this particular country but arrived too late last night to have seen any local women yet....

For little girls get bigger everyday


  1. Don't die there because they will only dig you up to stake you through the heart. God bless Nadia.

  2. Could we have more posts on athletes from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union; I was very much in love with the delightful Ludmilla Tourischeva in my younger days. What about you Triple P? There must be one or two hotties that caught your eye from this harem of beauties?

  3. I'm working on a post on a Romanian gymnast at this very minute!

    My favourite was Nelly Kim