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Monday, May 7, 2012

More Olympic lovelies

When Triple P used to watch the Olympics in the old days there were never any attractive female athletes, particularly from Britain, whereas now we seem to have a whole batch of lovelies representing the country. 

The first Olympics we remember seeing on TV were those from Tokyo in 1964 (helped, no doubt by the catchy Tokyo Melody theme tune).  We also remember watching some of the swimming events on TV from Munich in 1972 whilst on a school trip to France.  We distinctly remember being taken by all those fit looking women in swimsuits.  Down on the beach at Pourville we also remember being distracted from WW2 bunkers by some French girls in one piece swimsuits.  This was the first time we had really registered girls at all.  By the end of the school trip Triple P and one of his school friends had got some French girls into our dormitory with some local cider and started to play strip poker.  We never looked back...

So we were particularly appreciative of this fine study of Great Britain's freestyle swimming squad consisting of (from left to right) Amy Smith, Caitlin McClatchey, Keri-Anne Payne, Georgia Davis and Jemma Lowe.  Good luck ladies!

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  1. Is it not about time we paid homage to the beautiful Amy Williams, the former skeleton racer and Olympic Gold medallist?