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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jessica Ennis on Time magazine cover

It's great to see Jessica Ennis on the cover of Time magazine (at least in the European, African and Middle East editions) in a wonderful shot by London-based  photographer Levon Bliss.  He's really caught the magnificence of her physique whilst still capturing her appealing femininity.  Great job!

Here is his picture of her with the shot.  There is an article in the Mail on Sunday today, however, which mirrors Triple P's fears that she has signed too many sponsorship deals which involved too many appearances and photo shoots as a result.   She is not at her best at present and a gold will be a big ask for her given the strength of the competition.

Since they have painted her 270 foot tall image on a field below the approach to Heathrow airport her position as national poster girl has been firmly cemented.  You cannot go into any newsagents or supermarket in Britain without seeing Jessica's utterly lickable tummy on view.  Her stomach has become the erogenous zone for London 2012 and is more of  a mascot in its own right than the two tragically ugly official mascots.


  1. Slightly off topic - but I thought Nadia Comaneci was very charming when interviewed after carrying the torch. A very beautiful mature woman. I have been unable to find your earlier post regarding her. Is it still available.

  2. It's here

    Another Romanian gymnast shortly...

  3. Thankyou! May I suggest the following tags:- Gymnasts, Mature Venuses and Erect nippled Venuses!