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Friday, October 19, 2012

So long Iveta and so long Aliona....

Iveta: Triple P has always enjoyed a leggy Lithuanian

So what were the producers thinking in inviting 74 year old Johnny Ball onto Strictly Come Dancing this year?  He plodded through his routine with substitute dancer perky Lithuanian Iveta Lukosiute (who patiently tried her best) and was the first person thrown off.  

The disaster of course is that the sulkily attractive Aliona Vilani now won't have the chance to some back after her ankle injury heals.  Hopefully she'll get some show dances later in the series.

Ball's foxtrot was at least an attempt at proper dancing which is more than can be said for Jerry Hall's effort. Unfortunately, we will miss this week's show as we will be somewhere over the Atlantic but hope Victoria Pendleton's renaissance continues and hope they get Ola into a catsuit before her time runs out too.


  1. Sulkily attractive indeed! How about a 'Venus with a temper' feature?

  2. That sounds like my first proper girlfriend! She poured a kettle of boiling water on my leg. I still have the scar!

  3. Ooh dear! Sulky and pouty will do. Green-eyed and booted Lesley Chisholm from Mayfair (Volume 11?) apparently had a Volvo like the Saint's and a 'celebrated temper'.

  4. Hmm...must get Lesley Chisholm and her (imaginary?) twin in somewhere...

    Actually, Ola seems pretty grumpy too!