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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jade Ewen..ruined by tattoos

A lovely girl - ruined

We have always admired the lovely singer Jade Ewen since she appeared on our radar as Britain's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009.  Since joining the Sugababes her profile has increased to the extent that, thankfully, she was signed up to be the "face" of Miss Ultimo lingerie a couple of years ago.  However minor celebrities are always looking for more exposure and when you have a body as splendid as Miss Ewen's what better way to expose yourself than in a swimsuit.  So she signed up for a new series on ITV called Splash!.

Why despoil this?

This, although it may be hard to believe, is a reality show where "celebrities" are taught to dive by Olympic Bronze medal winner Tom Daley, the former wunderkind of world diving, whose image took a bit of a hammering at the Olympics when he was expected to win gold.  The celebrities then compete on live TV.  Without boring everyone with the details, this was, without doubt, one of the most inept TV shows we have ever seen.  Ninety minutes of airtime for 15 seconds of action with hopeless presentation, production and even photography.  Having flashing lights and getting everyone to act like Americans does not generate excitement.  This was not some minor station either, this was our main commercial TV station at 7.15 on a Saturday night.  It makes you realise what a polished production Strictly Come Dancing is.


There was but one highlight as the camera followed Jade's incredibly taut looking posterior, barely clad in gold bikini bottoms, up the ladder of the diving board.  Having completed her (fairly average) dive as the first competitor she then did not put on the usual bathrobe (as most of the other competitors did) but sat there in her gold bikini for the rest of the (seemingly endless) show.  We are sure that she was asked to do this and we are very grateful!

The one highlight of the show

However, Miss Ewen has dropped in our estimations as she revealed a truly horrendous tattoo on her side which we hadn't observed before.  Why do lovely young women despoil themselves with this barbaric body mutiliation?   When Triple P was young only sailors had tattoos but now they are becoming horribly common.  There are other ways to temporarily decorate your skin if you should so desire; some of them lasting for weeks but something as permanent as a tattoo really is beyond me, especially as, however well they are done, after a few decades (if not earlier) they dissolve into blotchy blue patches.  Horrendous!


  1. Triple P,

    You are right to raise this issue; some beautiful women seem to think that a tattoo adds to their beauty and is somehow strangely alluring. It is nothing of the sort!
    We need a campaign with a high profile spokesperson to dissuade young people, especially young women, of the folly of this tattoo mania.
    The only business in the UK economy that has grown consistently for the last 30 years is that of the tattooist. I confidently predict a great market for the medical profession in tattoo removal into the future.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Tattoos on women look horrible. I've NEVER seen a woman with a tattoo who wouldn't have looked far better without it. I liken it to spray-painting a graffito on the Taj Mahal. It could be be the most incredible picture, done by the most skilled artist who ever picked up a spray can, and on something that was already so perfectly beautiful to begin with, it would still be just an awful blemish.