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Monday, April 29, 2013

That's no moon...

Agent Triple P has no idea what Kim Kardashian is.  She seems to feature regularly in the trashy internet media (i.e. Yahoo news) and appears to be more well known in Britain now than  a few years ago, when only Americans seemed to know who she was.

Sometimes we find a picture that is so bizarre that we become fixated upon it and this is one of those.  Ms Kardashian is, we believe, the very pregnant lady on the right.  Full points to her for having nothing to do with frumpy maternity fashion, especially when you are about to give birth to the Death Star.

Ms Kardashian also appears to be channeling steampunk as she appears to have a chimney on her head.  The really odd thing about this picture is the droopy looking woman on the left.  Yahoo News didn't bother to name her, but I gather there are tribes of these Kardashians so it could be another one.  Oddly, she appears to have forgotten to put her skirt on thus revealing a pair of tights at least two sizes too small.

This picture is so awkward and completely lacking any positive aesthetic element that we love it!


  1. As I can find no reason that the Kardashian clan is famous, other than their vapid and trivial lives seem entirely self centered, I can only conclude that they are signs and portents of the decline and fall of Western Civilization or at least the American side.

  2. Whatever we may think about the family's collective judgment and social conscience, Kim Kardashian is a beauty. I have some photos that prove it.

  3. Seeking a more tasteful presentation of La Kardashian? See the December 2007 US edition of Playboy.