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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yachtie Tottie!

Or is it Yachty Totty? We're never quite sure. Anyway, at least one of our readers enjoys our candid camera shots from Cowes Week so here is the 2013 entry!  Having spent over two weeks in South America we missed all of the UK's hot weather in July. When we returned for our usual sojourn to Cowes we were amazed to find lots of English girls not only wearing shorts (proper shorts not those mid-thigh sensible ones) but with tanned legs! 

Now, of course, these days, unlike when Triple P was small, everyone is told to keep out the sun because the ozone layer has been destroyed by American motorists, aerosols, Chinese power stations or discarded refrigerators or some such. So the sort of tans that girls used to go for in the sixties and seventies are now not the thing at all.

Absolutely our favourite for this year!

The problem is, of course, that human skin just looks better tanned.  In the past it was not done to have anything other than pale white skin as only labourers and other poor people would have a tan.  But a tan evens out skin tone colour differences and covers, for example unsightly veins.  

So despite the hectoring doctors we can't see getting a tan in Britain disappearing for a while mainly, unlike Australia where pale skin is now de rigeur for example, because having enough sunny weather to get one is still unusual here.

Noticeably not stopping at Triple P's favourite breakfast cafe

So, it was not only with some amazement but also not a little admiration that we appreciated all these brazenly flaunted limbs.  Even legs which are not such a  perfect shape or are lacking in muscle tone (and Agent Triple P likes quite a lot of muscle tone) look better for a tan.

Nothing wrong with the tone on this fine example

Anyway, on to Cowes and we are not sure that there were any particularly new looks this year compared with others with the exception, perhaps, of platform wedges (see below).

There were rather less floaty sundresses around this year, which is a shame as Triple P likes these, partly because we had a girlfriend who used to wear them and nothing else during hot weather.

There were, perhaps, rather more vest tops designed, no doubt, to show off tanned arms.

There were also rather more flip-flops than we can recall before.  No young lady wants hot feet after all. Even the girls who were actually sailing (you can usually tell who these are as their legs are covered in bruises) seem to have adopted these while on land.

Not sailing types, we rather think

A very fine hamstring/gluteus curve here

Towards the evening, of course, the girls transform and head off for the rather ghastly bar on The Parade, the even more ghastly one in the marina or one of the yacht clubs.  Usually it is too dark to capture the tottie in their crepescular costumes but sometimes we get  a hint of something a bit more feminine earlier in the day.

 Gravity defying!

The two above, we suspect, may be some of the locals down from Newport on the lookout for a yachting type to buy them free drinks.  A fine back porch on the one on the left.

 A real beauty, this one

This young lady was doing a piece to camera on Cowes Week for a TV crew and is as fine a place to finish as any.

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