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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Calendar Girl August: Brittney Palmer

So here is another young lady we have never heard of, for our delayed August post.  Not surprising, really because despite a suspiciously high ranking in FHM's 2013 100 Sexiest Women (51st - a new entry - above Nicole Scherzinger, for Heaven's sake)) she doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry.

Her fame (such that it is) is based on her role as a "ring girl" in some American cage fighting sort of thing.  This is one of those American "fighting sports" that almost nobody else around the world bothers with as it is so ghastly.

Brittney hard at work in her challenging role

Brittney's critical role seems to be parading around the ring between rounds holding up a big sign so the brain-damaged participants can see how far through the fight they are.

She has posed several times for FHM, which seems to almost guarantee you a place in the World's Sexiest Women ranking now, unless you look like a complete dog. This brings up the old question of whether the FHM ranking is a poll (doubtful) or whether the editors choose the list based on whose agent is lobbying them hardest and who they can get to pose for little or nothing (Victoria Pendelton didn't get paid a penny for her first shoot).

More interestingly she was on the cover and inside March 2012's Playboy where she demonstrated that not all pretty girls look good naked, especially those with big heads, short legs and badly done plastic breasts.  The pictorial also revealed that her rather ordinary looking body was despoiled by a tattoo across her back.

It looks like she is falling foul of the increasing addiction of women to having these as she now has a nasty one on her inside left arm.

Born in San Diego in 1987 she became a professional model at the age of eighteen.  She is a keen artist (a redeeming quality - until you see her paintings) and is currently studying art at UCLA.  She enjoys surfing, snowboarding and jiu jitsu (how retro).

We suspect that Brittney won't be reappearing in future FHM calandars, unless she stars in a major film or snags an A-List boyfriend; both of which seem unlikely.   She just isn't famous or, dare we say it, attractive enough.  Let's hope September's calendar girl is more to Triple P's taste.  We have been so busy we haven't even had time to turn the page yet!

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  1. What can be done to stop some of the most beautiful women in the world spoiling their beauty by having tattoo's?
    We need a campaigh to persuade women that they are beautiful in their own skin and do not need to add these nasty horrible inkings to their bodies. Perhaps the campaign should start here?