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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles' new cheerleaders uniforms by Vera Wang

Fashion designer Vera Wang has had a good couple of weeks. Not only was her dress for Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara the sensation of the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles but her new uniform for the cheerleaders of the Philadelphia Eagles debuted to great approval.

Wang knows about the importance of functionality in exercise clothing having been a top level ice skater herself.  In fact it was her just missing out on selection for the Grenoble Winter Olympics in 1968 that made her go full time as a designer instead.  

She stayed close to the sport, designing dresses for some of the top US figure skaters and, ironically, getting herself inducted into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame on the back of her designs, rather than her skating.

Wang first designed uniforms for the Eagles' cheerleaders ten years ago and was then the first fashion designer to design outfits for an American professional sports team's cheerleaders.

The new uniforms first saw service two weeks ago with women spectators apparently lusting after the cheerleaders sparkly new shoes.  Male spectators just lusted after the usual things, we suppose.

The range include a number of options to take account of the variable weather the cheerleaders will encounter over the season, including some somewhat bizarre sweaters which appear to keep the ladies arms warm but ensure that their other assets are still on display.

Agent Triple P enjoyed a visit to the fine city of Philadelphia a couple of years ago and managed to take in a game when he was there.  He also saw the Eagles, under the peerless Randall Cunningham, play the Cleveland Browns at Wembley Stadium in a pre-season game in August 1989.

Some tops require more engineering than others we suspect

So we have always had a soft spot for the Eagles and they now have the most stylish cheerleaders in the NFL as well!

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