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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How ghastly is Miley Cyrus?

Until a week or so ago Agent Triple P  had no idea who Miley Cyrus was.  Now, however, you can't open a newspaper or look at the inappropriately named Yahoo "news" without seeing this woman pulling faces. We have no problem with the poor woman exploring her sexuality as she struggles to distance herself from her previous juvenile acting persona.  What we can't stand is seeing her constant gurning for the camera; tongue out and winking.

Her latest photographs are by sleazy New York photographer Terry Richardson, who is one of the main forces behind the horrible current fashion of arty "erotic" photographs being taken without any attempt at art or craft, using basic flash lighting and being deliberately amateurish.  She is a pretty, although not beautiful, girl with a very ordinary looking body but most of the images show her pulling strange faces again.

She is starting to remind us of another complete winker, the TV presenter Gok Wan who equally thought that screwing up his face with an exaggerated wink made him distinctive.  No, it just makes you really annoying.

Take your clothes off all you like (we are surprised Hugh Hefner hasn't been in touch) but stop making the stupid faces!


  1. A rather boyish figure. Strongly defined mound. Maybe she will try old school glamour. Interesting, hope she doesn't 'do a Britney'.


  2. If there's anyone ghastlier in pop culture today, I don't want to know it! If she lives to be middle-aged, will she have the courage to talk about what am embarrassment she was in her youth? Yikes.