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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Return of Strictly Come Dancing

Left to right:  Abbey Clancy, Fiona Fullerton and Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Agent Triple P, of course, has nothing to do with the slightly bizarre activity of dancing if he can at all avoid it.  It is curious, then, that one of his very guiltiest pleasures (and Triple P does not have a very well developed sense of guilt) is the sparkly dance extravaganza Strictly Come Dancing (known as Dancing with Stars in the US) on the BBC.

Then again, a show which features extraordinarily fit and toned women gyrating about wearing tiny little costumes was bound to engage his interest; unlikely though it may appear initially.  When he was a teenager he became very interested in women's gymnastics for similar reasons.

This years crop of terpsichorean totty is very fine, although there is no-one who creates a resonance for Triple P like Victoria Pendleton did last year. There are also have some new professional dancers flexing their taut muscles on the show.  We'll look at some of these ladies over the next weeks but will begin our coverage with this rather fine study of three of the contestants from the show. 

We very much appreciate the nineteen fifties burlesque fan dance vibe in this photograph by Ian Derry for the Daily Mail.

Fabulous, dahling!

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  1. How about a Fiona Fullerton feature...