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Monday, December 9, 2013

Strictly Siren: There goes Ola!

So, Polish popsicle Ola Jordan has left Strictly Come Dancing after her celebrity partner,Ashley Taylor Dawson, got the boot (perhaps unfairly) last night.  Newsreader, Susanna Reid, gave a worse performance but somehow she is managing to appeal to mums while also giving off goes-like-a-bomb vibes to all the men.  

Interestingly, Ola's grumpy husband James was nowhere is sighe in last night's show and also Ola wasn't wearing her wedding ring.  Is all well in the house of Jordan?

There are rumours that this will be their last series of Strictly and, in fact, it was said that it was doubtful if they would return this year as James is not popular with some of the judges.

Then there was all the hissy fits caused by the relatively new professional Karen telling Ola that she wasn't a very good dancer which was why she was always at the back.   Miaow!

We didn't get a catsuit from Ola this year either, disappointingly.  New dancer Iveta Lukosiute did gives us a spectacular gold catsuit but the point of Ola in one (or maybe two points) is that it showed off the curves that Iveta doesn't have.  

Iveta; lacking in curves

Ola's body shape is quite different from all the stick-like dancers the BBC is recruiting now and all the better for it.  Anyway, given that the BBC has been dumping the older professional women over the last few years could her days be numbered?

If so we will miss her cheerfully mangled Estuary Polglish, her fantastic arse and her bouncy upper works.  

She has just had the most revealing of her calendars published but it is marred, somewhat, by over enthusiastic PhotoShop which means that in some shots her face looks stuck on.

Ola, cute though she is, doesn't have the best skin on her face (all that theatrical makeup doesn't help, no doubt) but in some of these shots she looks more like a Madame Tussauds waxwork.

Ola's is not the only calendar to be like this.  We will examine Kelly Brook's shortly, as hers suffers from the same problem.  It begs the question that if people are buying you calendar because of the way you look isn't it sort of important that you actually look like yourself in it?

Anyway, Strictly without Ola would not be the same so we hope they keep her on for next year, although this does seem less and less likely as he and her husband are working on a touring show it seems.

The end?

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