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Thursday, December 4, 2014

More Laura Whitmore

To our shame, we continue to watch the dire I'm a Celebrity Get me out of Here Now! show just to gaze upon the Viagra substitutes which are Laura Whitmore's legs.  Her skirts have been getting so short we suspect that we will be able to see her knickers soon, with Friday's little white skirt being particularly effective.

The white skirt could even have been shorter than the fetching blue and white shorts she wore last Tuesday.

FHM, jumping on the bandwagon, have been quick to dig out some pictures of Laura taken a couple of years ago.  


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde ready for the jungle (in reality an old banana plantation very close to civilisation)

In 2006, singer Mylene Klass had a shower in a white bikini in series six of strangely addictive reality TV game show I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here.  The ratings were boosted enormously and became the number one viewed clip on YouTube for a time.  Not surprisingly, the producers have since actively sought out other young women who can do the same.  

Nadia Forde in I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here

This series' bikini totty is Irish model and singer Nadia Forde who nobody in Britain had heard of at all.  This is not surprising as many of the contestants are D list at best.   

No doubt Nadia is hoping for a similar raising of profile which Mylene achieved and a slightly revealing shot of her in the shower has already made the newspapers.

There have been some rude comments about her figure but Triple P thinks she looks delightfully womanly and not like a stick with stuck on plastic breasts like Kendra Wilkinson and Melanie Sykes.  Wide hips, solid haunches, soft looking stomach.  Perfect!

Since several previous contestants (such as Playboy Playmate Kayla Collins in 2010) have tried to launch swimsuit lines on the back (front?) of their I'm a Celebrity appearances the female contestants have been limited to just three bikinis.  Nadia has an animal print one, a  red one and this green one which made an appearance yesterday.

She has already taken the opportunity to launch her second calendar (above) while she is in the "jungle" and on the evidence of that she looks very fine indeed.

Nadia's only claim to fame, as far as British audiences go (she may be a little bit more famous in Ireland where she appears on a number of TV shows) is that she is the ex-girlfriend of golfer Rory McIlroy.  Or not.  They claim to be "just good friends".and she denies being the reason he broke up with Dansish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki.

Forde was born in Dublin in 1989.  From the age of nine she was brought up by her grandmother when her parents split up.  She has some Italian blood which explains her sultry looks, which are very much to Triple P's taste!

Best known for being a lingerie model, I'm a Celebrity is not her first experience of reality TV as she has been appearing in Nadia Goes to Hollywood on Irish TV.  This shows her recording her first single and trying out (unsuccessfully, presumably) to break America.

Her next single is due out in January and no doubt she will be hoping her jungle appearance will boost sales.  No doubt she will also employ tasteful outfits such as this, too.

She has also sung the Irish national anthem at an Irish international football match against Sweden last year.

She has appeared in FHM and ranked 94th in their 2014 sexiest women ranking.  No doubt she will be aiming for a higher score next year,

Nadia's modelling career really took off in 2009 when she was working part time at a radio station.  She seems serious about her music and that seems to be the area she wants to push.

She is friends with a number of other Irish models including Georgia Salpa, who we have featured on the Adventures of Triple P in the past.

So far, in the jungle she has not had a lot to do and her quiet demeanor means that she has been rather overwhelmed by some of the other more strident jungle inhabitants.   Maybe we need to see her eat some kangaroo testicles.

Still, she is a very lovely girl with that lovely lilting Irish accent (and Triple P has some fond memories of one Irish girl in particular) and she obviously has a master plan around pushing her career.  Let's hope she succeeds, as we would be very happy to see a lot more of her.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Grr!

All day today Agent Triple P's inbox has been flooded with Black Friday offers from just about every online retailer we have ever bought anything from.  What is this Black Friday nonsense, anyway?  Why are we, in Britain, adopting a custom based on an American holiday?  It's yet another ghastly invasion from across the Atlantic which is leading to fights in shops as people wrestle over what don't really look like very good bargains anyway, for the most part.  It is Amazon's fault, of course, who first introduced it here in 2010.  We are appalled to see retailers like John Lewis adopting it.  It's like the pernicious spread of Halloween, something that used not to be celebrated here at all.

We certainly don't intend to buy from any retailer today who supports this alien concept!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Best legs at the weekend: Pixie Lott and Laura Whitmore

Hard to choose between two young ladies showing off their legs at the weekend.  We have always had a soft spot for pop princess Pixie Lott, since we encountered her in The May Fair Hotel bar a couple of years ago.  She looked sensational doing the Charleston on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday despite the fact that her professional partner looks exactly like Alan Tracy from Thunderbirds.  

However, our main legs obsession at present has to be Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore who has been fronting the reality show follow-up programme, I'm a Celebrity Get me out of Here Now on ITV2.  

Wearing a selection of eye-poppingly short dresses you really do want to start at her ankles and work up.

Laura, who has a degree in Journalism from Dublin university, perfectly demonstrates that if you are a woman and want to work on TV you need to look nice and demonstrate that.  Unfair but true. She has been quite happy to demonstrate her taut thigh gap in the likes of FHM in the past.  

Laura in her shortest dress so far, last night

The real shock from last night's show, however, was from a behind the scenes section, where it was revealed that to keep 10 D-list celebrities in the "jungle" for three weeks and film them doing revolting challenges takes a mind boggling-sized crew of 771 people!  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tina Barrett

Rachel, Hannah, Jo and Tina

Children in Need is a BBC charity telethon and was on last Friday.  Making an appearance were teen favourites from a few years ago, S Club 7.  It was interesting to see how the four young ladies from the band have matured since their debut 15 tears ago.   Most of them have worn very well.  Rachel Stevens (36) and Hannah Spearritt (32) still looked fabulous.  Jo O'Meara (35) looked like a school dinner lady about to go out to an S&M party.  The real surprise was Tina Barrett (38) who looked so fantastic in her purple metallic shorts that they sold out at the high street store they came from, in a day.  

Barrett always had a great body although she didn't get the attention that the divine Rachel (who was FHM's sexiest woman for 2014) did.  

Tina posed with her other female band mates for FHM back in January 2001 and looked poutingly gorgeous.

However, seeing her in motion last week we were very struck by the fact that she possess really good, solid haunches, as she displays in this candid shot.  A trim waist but a really chunky upper thigh/bottom combination as her shorts delightfully emphasised.  Splendid!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Beaujolais Nouveau 2014

In our post on Miss Suzannah James, over on Venus Observations, we talked a little about Beaujolais Nouveau and the Beaujolais Run.  Although popular in the US and, especially, Japan (the biggest foreign market for the stuff - they buy about 25% of the annual output), the tradition of drinking it on or shortly after Beaujolais Nouveau Day (the third Thursday in November) has rather lapsed in the UK compared with the eighties and nineties when Triple P and his friends endured the (largely) tooth enamel destroying stuff. 

However, yesterday we spotted some in Waitrose and as it was from the usually reliable (if controversial - the company was fined in 2006 for mixing grapes from other regions into their Beaujolais) Georges Duboeuf we picked up a bottle to take to our particular friend A's, yesterday. Having been in decline since the end of the eighties (1985 saw the peak production of 67 million bottles - the annual total is less than half that today with the French drinking over 50% of the total output)) there are signs of something of a comeback for the wine.  The Beaujolais region has been trying to improve the quality of the wine over the last decade and has reduced the number of vineyards producing it by over a third to help in this. 

Anyway, this year's vintage was much better than all of the ones I remember from the past; much more full bodied and fruity but with that typical gamay whiff. In fact it pretty much tasted like a completely different wine, compared with the stuff from twenty or thirty years ago,  The mouth-puckering acidity had gone and so had the nail polish smell. Not bad at all! Probably not worth £7.99 a bottle though!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Go Mylene!

 Beauty and the beast

While channel hopping last night I caught Britain's ugliest and most ineffectual politician, "leader" of the opposition Ed Miliband, getting savaged on a TV show by someone who looked a lot like Mylene Klass (rhymes with "arse").  It must be some political activist or local politician, I thought,  But no!  It actually was former reality show pop band member and bikini model Mylene, pointing out the flaws in Miliband's proposed mansion tax policy.

Mylene is her more usual setting

Way to go Mylene! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Betsy Blue English

Now our Saturday evening guilty pleasure is Strictly Come Dancing and frankly we want nothing to do with the most manipulated "reality" competition on TV, the evil mastermind Simon Cowell's X Factor.  However, the other week we were flicking through the channels after Strictly and watched a bit of X Factor featuring a teen group called Only the Young who seemed as anodyne as semolina.  Last night we saw them in one of the highlights sequences in the show and in the interim since we first saw them the producers have taken the blonde girl member of the group and sexed her up to the max. She is now quite a slinky little piece. 

A little research has shown that she rejoices in the name of Betsy-Blue (her real name, it seems) English.  She doesn't seem to the the brightest spark and it is noticeable that she never gets interviewed on any of the X Factor programmes (partly because of her particularly mangled version of Estuary English, we suspect). 

She can't really sing but that hasn't been a requirement for female singers in the pop industry for some years.  Looking nice is paramount, singing can be sorted using technology.  It also turns out she is just eighteen.  Now Triple P much prefers women to girls but she is nicely packed (especially from behind) with potential.  In fact that 1940s song by Merle Travis So round, so firm, so fully packed, comes to mind. It will be interesting to see how many more of her clothes the producers get her to dispense with next week.  As young people would say today: "Fit"!  A nice Saturday evening distraction!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thunderbirds are Go...again!

Agent Triple P's all time favourite TV programme when he was little was Gerry Anderson's seminal Thunderbirds; quite simply the best children's TV series ever!
We had models of all the Thunderbirds craft, an International Rescue hat and got TV21 magazine every week to enjoy further adventures of the Tracy family, as brilliantly drawn by the peerless Frank Bellamy.  So the recent announcement of a new series fills us both with excitement and dread.

Thunderbirds 2004

The 2004 film Thunderbirds was a ghastly travesty and the barrenness of the production was exemplified by the dreadful and needlessly fussy updating of the Thunderbirds craft.

Thunderbirds 1965

The original Thunderbirds craft are design classics (with, perhaps, the exception of the space station Thunderbird 5 which Anderson was never happy with) and were the work of Derek Meddings who would go on to be an Oscar winning special effects designer (special award for Superman in 1978).  

Thunderbirds 2015

Four things, however, give us hope for the new series which is scheduled for 2015; a rather depressing fifty years after the originals were released.  Firstly, the updated Thunderbird 1 (above) is a much more subtle update of the original than in the 2004 film.  Secondly, David Graham, the original; voice of Parker will be voicing that character once again, half a century later.  Thirdly, although it is a CGI series they are using models for the craft.  These always look better than pure CGI as was shown by Peter Jackson in his original Lord of the Rings trilogy (c.f. The Hobbit).  Fourthly, Rosamund Pike will be providing the voice of Lady Penelope which indicates that the producers have a decent budget.

Tracy Island 1965

Tracy Island 2015

Can't wait!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ola Jordan pops out...

...too a nightclub this week but she seems to be having trouble controlling her top!