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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calendar Girl January 2014: Kelly Brook

We are going to try to get our calendar girls posted on time this year so we will start with Kelly Brook who was in the news a lot last year for breaking up with boyfriends, getting back together with boyfriends, getting new boyfriends. being called fat, going on a diet etc. etc.

Her publicist deserved a medal in the New Year's Honours list for the amount of coverage he got her in 2013.  She even had a temporary slot on the appalling Keith Lemon Celebrity Juice TV show and is now tipped to get a permanent job on it as poor old Holly Willoughby is worn out by all the hard work she has to do and needs a rest. 

Lots of wimmin on Yahoo news dole out lashings of green-eyed invective whenever another gripping new article appears about her. "Kelly leaves house", "Kelly walks along street" etc,  All of these are mere place holders for the arrival of the next major spike in her PR coverage chart: "Kelly shows of her bikini body", "Kelly in new lingerie range", "Kelly topless on beach" etc.

"What is the point of Kelly Brook?" moan the wimmin (and a few tragic men who are trying to placate their wives or girlfriends).  Actually, she has two points but she is just there, of course, to look utterly lovely and improve the world around her: like the Taj Mahal, Venice, the Grand Canyon or the Rokeby Venus.  That is point enough surely.

Anyway, she has a rather good calendar out herself for 2014 from which these pictures are taken. Although our particular friend S from Vancouver felt that they had overdone the Photoshop on her face to the point that she actually doesn't look like herself.

We think that she may have a slight point here but you don't have to look at her face if you don't want to as there is much else to admire.  In fact, we would venture that this is Kelly's finest calendar for some time.

We have left our favourite two images from the calendar until last.  We really like the splendid retro one above and the one below is unusually revealing for a Kelly calendar shot these days.

A good start to 2014!


  1. The last two are indeed terrific. I really like the au natural ones you posted back in August too.

  2. I notice from your earlier posts that you record that she has a 34 inch hip measurement. To me she looks pleasantly pear-shaped sometimes, in a good way of course! Maybe you could provide a mini training course on 'proportionality', by way of a few posts?

  3. A splendid tribute to the wonderful Ms Brook - like Venice et al, the world is a significantly better and prettier place with her in it...