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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kelly Brook at the National Television Awards

Kelly has been getting some stick in the press today for wearing a "too revealing" outfit at last night's National Television Awards.  Given Agent Triple P can't really understand the concept of "Kelly Brook" and "too revealing" in the same sentence we suppose it's the same old ugly women moaning again as usual.  Anyway, much of the problem was the usual one of strong flashlights on black material over bare skin (no doubt as Kelly well knew).

More worryingly, amongst the comments online, there is a trend for "right on" politically correct men to start wading into these arguments.  We really don't understand men who start banging on about the supposed objectifying of women, given actually most women we know don't.  Are they trying to impress their Time Out reading girlfriends?  Are they homosexual?   Are they communists?  It's very strange.  Triple P's immediate thought when he reads something like this is that they are traitors!  

Men and women are fundamentally different.  They are never going to be the same.  There will always be a "war" between the two.  I do not believe that women are in any way inferior to men (rather the opposite, actually) but trying to force men to suppress their natural urge to admire attractive women (which is what a lot of this stuff is about) is pointless.  Also, as long as most women continue to define themselves by the way they look (and this isn't men setting these standards) then they will not achieve more (not total) equality.  I recently looked at the women's supplement to the Mail on Sunday and came away feeling profoundly depressed by the huge waste of resources involved in injecting fashion into just about everything they own.  I don't think much of the current President of France but the revelation that he only owns one pair of shoes put him in a better light.  Sensible chap.  He's running a country he shouldn't be worrying about shoes.

Of course if you do define yourself by the way you look, even a bit (which most men certainly don't), then someone who looks better than you is going to be annoying.  Kelly Brook certainly looked better than most last night and, as usual, has attracted most of the press today.  Job done for her.


  1. This woman is a treasure. Anyone who objects to her sharing of the wealth, when she's dressed so tastefully in every other respect, is just a dolt.

  2. Deliciously stubby nipples .....mmmmm

  3. She is a national treasure - two in fact!