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Friday, January 24, 2014

National Peanut Butter Day

1954 advertisement

Today is National Peanut butter day, at least in the United States.  Agent Triple P has been eating peanut butter since he was very small and always has a jar in the fridge.  First created in 1890s in St Louis, Missouri, it suffered, in its early years from the oil and solids separating. It wasn't until Heinz homogenised the peanuts in 1923 that it stopped separating and really became popular.

Americans, disgustingly, eat peanut butter with jelly (a sort of insipid version of jam, we believe).  Jelly, in Britain is what Americans refer to, catchily, as gelatin based dessert. This bizarre peanut butter and jelly combination is popular because, as with most foods there, Americans pump sugar into it.  So, for Triple P's taste, America peanut butter is cloyingly sweet and inedible (around 11% sugar).  In Britain peanut butter is a savoury product.

Agent Triple P's favourite is Whole Earth  no added sugar crunchy peanut butter (3.8% sugar).  We much prefer the crunchy to the smooth, which has nursery connotations to us. 

We had one girlfriend who liked peanut butter as well but our one attempt at using it for erotic play was not a success.  It simply does not have the play value of, for example, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, ice cream or even honey.  It is just too sticky.  Better inside than out!

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