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Monday, February 17, 2014

Calendar Girl February 2014: Kaley Cuoco

We're a bit late with our February calendar girl because of all the research needed for our Winter Olympics Venuses over at Venus Observations.  However, we are determined that each lady from the FHM calendar appears in the correct month so we have temporarily stopped looking at pictures of toned snowboarders, skiers and skaters to present Caley Cuoco.

We have to say that we have never heard of Miss Cuoco but it seems she is an American actress.  She appears in a TV show called The Big Bang Theory but we have never heard of that either.

Apparently, it is shown on British TV but it must be one of those late night offerings.  Triple P very rarely watches TV and prefers to catch up on TV series by buying DVD boxed sets.  Incidentally, where has all this recent use of "box set" rather than "boxed set" come from?  It is a set of DVD that has been boxed not a set of boxes!  Annoying!

Anyway The Big Bang Theory is, apparently, an American comedy series and Triple P doesn't watch comedies (particularly American ones which seem to mainly consist of people shouting very loudly and overacting) as he has no sense of humour and finds little to laugh about in the world.

Anyway, Ms Cuoco, who is from California seems very happy to pose in scanty clothing (although not less).  She is not really Triple P's type so we doubt that we will seek out her TV show.

She did appear in a series which Triple P did enjoy, Charmed, but only in the final series which we haven't got to yet.  Something to look forward too, then.


  1. Sorry she's not your type, but she's one of my favorites so thanks for posting!

  2. Ms Cuoco wasn't very good in "Charmed," IMO, but her acting (and looks) have improved over time to become quite funny in "The Big Bang Theory." She is more of a "straight (wo)man" whose character is there to react to the comedy around her.