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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lizzy Yarnold!

Britain's first (and probably only) gold at Sochi from a peerless Lizzy Yarnold yesterday.  Her gold was the tenth British gold medal of all time at the Winter Olympics, which puts her achievement in perspective.  We have no toboggan/luge runs in Britain whereas Germany, for example, has four.

Oddly, 20% of our gold medals have come in what used to be called Skeleton Bob (which sounds like a character from Pirates of the Caribbean) and is now called Bob Skeleton (which sounds like a dodgy estate agent).  

Lizzy set the fastest time on each of her four runs and the course record twice.  Top stuff! 


  1. Bob Skeleton! May we have a glimpse of Chemmy Alcott Triple P? She has not won a medal, has done rather well though in a sport dominated by Amazons from mountainous central Europe. Rather dishy too....

  2. Indeed and a local girl from where I live!