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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl: battle of the frozen cheerleaders!

The NFL has never had had an outdoor Superbowl in the cold parts of the country before and at one point, in the last few weeks, it looked as if they would have to move the Superbowl's date because of bad weather.  The weather for today is predicted to be between 4 and 10 degrees which is actually warmer than usual for  East Rutherford.  Indeed, it probably won't even be the coldest Superbowl in history as Superbowl VI in New Orleans saw temperatures of just above 3 degrees.

Anyway, t's all going ahead today with Seattle taking on Denver.  Neither of these teams are ones which Triple P particularly follows.  We perhaps have a slight favourite in Denver as we saw them play in one of the pre-season American Bowls in Wembley in 1987 under the peerless John Elway.

The weather is really going to effect the cheerleaders (or at least their outfits, but both are used to performing in these sorts of temperatures at home. So we are not going to be seeing a whole lot of bare midriffs or, indeed, bare skin at all, sadly.  Both teams have cold weather uniforms but we expect the Seahawks' Sea Gals (good grief!) to cover their legs today!

Aten-shun!  Twop uniforms for Lt Quaco

Seattle has slightly edged the cheerleaders publicity war through the presence in their squad of US Air Force First Lieutenant Alicia Quaco.  Lt Quaco had to persuade her bosses in the USAF that becoming a cheerleader didn't bring the Air Force into disrepute but sold it on the basis of her being an exemplar for showing how multi-facted Air Force people could be.  She has to work hard to juggle both her duties, especially as the Sea Gals have the reputation for being one of, if not the, hardest trained squads in the NFL.  Agent Triple P enjoyed going to a ball with a USAF lady lieutenant (in dress uniform!) once so wishes Lt Quaco a good Superbowl!

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