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Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's BOXED set!

A boxed set

English, of course, is a language that continuously evolves and there are no ill-advised attempts, as in France, to preserve the language in aspic.  However, one recent evolution is starting to annoy Triple P and that is the way that a collection of, for example, DVDs in a box is described.

A boxed set

Years ago Triple P became aware of the term which then was usually applied to a set of LP records (an opera, for example, or a collection of symphonies) which was called a boxed set.  It was a set of records which had been boxed.

A box set

Today, however, the term being increasingly used is box set.  This is wrong.  It's not a set of boxes.  Perhaps this is some sloppy American way of saying things but it makes Triple P cringe every time he sees it.  Grrr!

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  1. Could we compromise and just call them "precious"?