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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Carina Tyrell: Miss Cambridgeshire 2014

We haven't had a beauty queen on the Adventures of Triple P for some time so here is the lovely Carina Tyrell who won the Miss Cambridgeshire contest on Sunday.  She will go on to the Miss England competition in Torquay in June for a shot at competing in Miss World.

Now usually a Miss Cambridgeshire wouldn't make the national press but Carina is a medical student at Cambridge University, so is far from the stereotypical dumb girl image of beauty queens.  She is the first student doctor to qualify for the Miss England competition.  The organisers are very excited about her participation as she certainly fulfills their "beauty with a purpose" motto.  They say she has a good chance in the finals.  If I were them I'd jolly well ensure she won in June.  They're unlikely to get such good publicity from anyone else.  I am sure the competition is all perfectly fair, however!

24 year old Carina is attending Murray Edwards college which, in Triple P's day was better know as New Hall.  We travelled to Cambridge for the first time during our first year at Oxford to attend the birthday party of a school friend. At this  party we hooked up with a nice young lady from New Hall whose name completely escapes our memory but whose curvy, petite body does not.  A very different looking creature from the darkly elegant Miss Tyrell, anyway.

What an effective dress!

The last Oxford College (St Hilda's) went mixed in 2008 leaving Cambridge's Murray Edwards, Newnham and Lucy Cavendish Colleges as the only three women only university institutions in the country.

Carina has to fit her modelling around her studies and her work at Addenbrooke's hospital. 

Nice waist to hip ratio!

What a splendid young lady she is!  She could take our pulse any day.  

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