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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kelly Brook swimwear for New Look

It's a lovely sunny morning today in Surrey and what better way to enhance it than some lovely sunny pictures of the lovely Kelly Brook.

Here she is modelling New Look's latest swimwear range; which has a nineteen fifties inspiration to it.  These are very flattering and should sell well, we predict.  Which is exactly what we want so New Look will use her again.

These shots were taken in Miami earlier in the year with Kelly (whose size does vary) looking splendidly fulsome of figure at this point.

This is the fourth swimwear collection Kelly has "designed" for New Look, although we are not sure exactly what input she actually has into the creative process.



  1. Lovely curves, hope she keeps them. Nice swimwear.

  2. Kelly has had a fuller figure for sometime noe; it seems that her body changed significantly after she miscarried a number of years ago. A real woman; there should be more like her!