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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Big Breakfast of the Week 19: Sainsbury's

Agent Triple P lives a very stressful life and really only has Sundays to de-stress.  A good way to start the day is by going to the local Sainsbury supermarket cafe, having a big cooked breakfast, two pots of tea and reading the arts supplement of the Sunday newspaper.  Our particular branch of Sainsbury has been enlarged several times.  In the first rebuild the cafe, which had served hot food, was turned into a tedious coffee and pastry sort of establishment.  Disappointing.  When they extended it again they built a proper cafe upstairs where you can get, once more, a proper breakfast.

As usual, lots of unused disabled slots

The one Triple P prefers is the big breakfast with an extra sausage and an extra egg.  Three sausages, two rashers of (pretty good) bacon, two fried eggs, tomato, baked beans a hash brown and two slices of brown toast.  Not badfor under £6, although, inevitably the sausages let it down.  They do have proper HP sauce and Coleman's mustard, though.  The tea is not brilliant, however.  6/10.


  1. Triple P,

    You disappoitnt me; I am always somewhat suspicious of people who have beans for breakfast! Don't you know that beans should only be served at tea time ( 6/6.30 in the evening or dinner time to some).

    A real British breakfast should not include beans. I'll wager a small bet they did not serve you beans with your breakfast at halls in Oxford.

    Looking at the plate, you are being very generous giving this a 6, unless there is s good looking waitress serving the tables in Sainbury's. I doubt it somehow.

  2. No beans until tea time? I've never heard such a thing!

    I only like beans at breakfast time! Can't stand beans on toast, oddly. Baked beans are very much part of an English breakfast today. It is very rare to find one without. You don't get them in cooked breakfasts in America, though.

    6/10 may have been a bit generous but maybe I was in a good mood because I was accompanied by a very nice young women (no good looking waitresses!)