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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Calendar Girl April 2014: Helen Flanagan

We're a bit late, inevitably, with April's Calendar girl, probably because we aren't very interested in her.  She is 23 year old actress and WAG Helen Flanagan who spent 12 years on ghastly Northern soap Coronation Street.  This everyday tale of Northern folk has been running since 1960 and has now had over 8000 episodes.  Agent Triple P thinks he may have seen a few of these back in the sixties when his mother sometimes watched it.

Violet Carson

We remember, in the seventies how it was nice that the actors on British TV dramas like Coronation Street looked like normal people compared with their transatlantic cousins who were all impossibly perfect (especially the women).   Things have changed since then and now all the British soaps have their fair share of attractive women in them.  In the sixties and seventies one of the key female characters was Ena Sharples, played by Violet Carson.  Something of a contrast to Miss Flanagan.

Flanagan on the set of Coronation Street at the age of ten

Flanagan was just nine when she joined the cast of Coronation Street in 2000 to replace another actress who had originated the role of Rosie Webster.  Essentially, she was one of those actresses who had to endure growing up on TV going from a little girl into a very attractive young woman, so perhaps it wasn't a surprise that she left the show two years ago citing panic attacks.  "But little girls get bigger every day,"  as Maurice Chevalier once sang and Helen got a lot bigger.

Either the producers or Helen herself had her appearing in racier and racier outfits so that by the time she was seventeen she declared that she would be happy to strip off for nude scenes on film.  She began to appear in lads mags, increasingly flaunting her upper assets which everyone thinks have been artificially enhanced but she claims they are real.  Hmm.

When she left Coronation Street she claimed to be sick of the "tarty" character of Rosie Webster and posed, looking extremely elegant, for one of the tabloids to make the point.

Her willingness to strip off completely disappeared as she acquired the inevitable footballer boyfriend saying she was keeping her assets covered (just) for him.

In 2012 she took part in reality TV show I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here one of the highest rating TV shows in the UK (inexplicably)  and became even more well known.

Unfortunately, what she became known for was being quite thick.  Since then real acting roles have been short on the ground.  Perhaps this is why she did a U-turn on the bust flashing to appear as Page 3 girl in The Sun last year.  She is also keen to appear in Playboy, she has said.

Anyway, she must still have some fans as she ranks number thirteen in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women list for 2014, although that is down ten places on last year, when she was the highest ranking Briton.

She's not really Triple P's type as we don't like tattooed, big busted (especially fake ones) bleached blondes but we do admit that she does have a very attractive face.

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