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Friday, May 16, 2014

Liz Hurley looking Fabulous at 48. Jennifer Beals looking fabulous at 50

Miss Hurley was out and about yesterday looking fantastic, we have to say.  Agent Triple P met her a few years ago at a charity event and was quite bowled over by her loveliness and charm.  Interestingly, this was held at a Royal venue and her hauteur was such that even the Royal Household staff on duty referred to her as "madame" throughout!

Also turning heads this week was 50 year old Jennifer Beals.  Most famous for Flashdance (1983) but Triple P remembers her best as the star of Vancouver-shot lesbian drama The L-Word (much appreciated by our particular friend S from that city).

All of Agent Triple P's principal ladies are now over forty and all of them are fabulous with a combination of well-looked after bodies, sexual confidence and a mature world outlook and sense of humour.  Forget dolly-birds (to use a term from Triple P 's distant past) whose appeal is often visual only, these are real women.  Splendid!


  1. Ms Hurley has the indefinable 'Star Quality'....Mature allure, do keep it coming!

  2. I agree, Elizabeth Hurley is a timeless beauty; I only hope she does not succumb to plastic surgery to retain her looks. There are too many examples of beautiful women who have tried to defy time and ended up looking ridiculous!

  3. Indeed. Perhaps she will feel less pressured as she doesn't live in Hollywood.