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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Carina Tyrell: Miss England 2014

As we suggested in our post back in April, having the luscious Miss Cambridgeshire, Carina Tyrell, win the Miss England competition would do the competition no end of good, as the Cambridge medical student is perfect publicity for embattled beauty contestant organisers everywhere who fight against the pretty but dumb stereotype.

Well yesterday, in Torquay, the judges (seven out of ten of whom were women) crowned Miss Tyrell as Miss England, beating 59 other contestants.  She will now go on to compete in the Miss World competition later this year.  The highest ranking contestant out of Miss England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (Britain has been able to enter separate contestants to Miss World since each region had its own parliament) becomes Miss Great Britain. This gives Carina a chance for another title if she is unsuccessful in defeating the string of Asian, South American and Eastern European lovelies who have dominated Miss World in recent years.  Britain hasn't won since Sarah-Jane Hutt in 1983 but Miss World 2014 will take place in London again this year.  Good luck Carina!

Raddled old feminist and fellow Cambridge graduate Germaine Greer has been spouting off in the newspapers today saying that Carina was chosen for her beauty not her brains.  Well, of course, you stupid Australian, it's a beauty contest and while undoubtedly lovely there were other, perhaps even lovelier, contestants but her intelligence must have been a key factor.  Ugly people can't get over the fact that attractive people are more popular.  They think its unfair and do you know what?  It is!  just as its unfair that some people are taller, more intelligent, more musical or better at drawing or sports.  Just deal with it,  as you won't change the rest of us (men and women) from reacting differently and more positively to attractive people.  Would Greer expect to be criticised if she only reacted positively to other intelligent people?  Why should we be criticised for reacting positively to attractive people?

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