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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ola Jordan returns for next series of Strictly Come Dancing

Jordan - back

One of Agent Triple P's greatest guilty pleasures is Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars being its American offshoot) and so he is delighted to learn that Polish poppet Ola Jordan is returning, despite rumours to the contrary, for the next series beginning in the Autumn.  Her husband, the perpetually grumpy James, will not be returning, however, having turned down a "reduced role" (i.e. not dancing with a celebrity partner).

Garnis - leaving

Also not returning is Anya Garnis who has, however, accepted a reduced role as part of the choreography team.

Lowe - returning

Natalie Lowe will be returning, having missed the last series through injury and there will be a new female dancer in the shape of Joanne Clifton; although we don't know what that shape is yet.

Clifton - new

Clifton is the sister of current Strictly professional Kevin.  She may have been brought in partly to answer criticisms that too many of the professional dancers were foreign (not that the BBC is particularly responsive to criticism).

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