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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hot in the City

 The Embankment, this week

It's not much fun having to trudge up to the City, at the moment, with the temperature in the high twenties and even low thirties.  Britain is not equipped for this sort of weather!  No air conditioning on public transport and having to wear a wool suit, shirt and tie is not much fun on an underground train where the temperature is around 38 degrees.

Blackfriars, this week

The worst thing, of course, is that all the women are wearing flimsy skirts or dresses and even shorts.  That's just the office workers, not the tourists who this year are making tiny shorts distractingly ubiquitous.   There has been an attempt by the fashion industry to flog ankle length dresses this summer but Agent Triple P hasn't seen many even though, on the right figure, some of them are engagingly clingy.

Jaw dropping Eastern European example of tiny shorts at the station this week

We think that women who work in offices should be made to wear suits like men!  Currently the situation does not exactly lead to a situation of equality.  "I want to be treated the same as men in the workplace (fair enough) until it gets really hot and then I want to dress as if I am wandering around a Mediterranean fishing village."  Forget it, ladies!  However nice you look in your abbreviated garb you should be made to suffer like us!  That's real equality!


  1. I am in NHS admin and at work I am wearing a linen shirt, cotton trousers and sandals. Anything else could be injurious to my health at the moment.