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Monday, November 24, 2014

Best legs at the weekend: Pixie Lott and Laura Whitmore

Hard to choose between two young ladies showing off their legs at the weekend.  We have always had a soft spot for pop princess Pixie Lott, since we encountered her in The May Fair Hotel bar a couple of years ago.  She looked sensational doing the Charleston on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday despite the fact that her professional partner looks exactly like Alan Tracy from Thunderbirds.  

However, our main legs obsession at present has to be Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore who has been fronting the reality show follow-up programme, I'm a Celebrity Get me out of Here Now on ITV2.  

Wearing a selection of eye-poppingly short dresses you really do want to start at her ankles and work up.

Laura, who has a degree in Journalism from Dublin university, perfectly demonstrates that if you are a woman and want to work on TV you need to look nice and demonstrate that.  Unfair but true. She has been quite happy to demonstrate her taut thigh gap in the likes of FHM in the past.  

Laura in her shortest dress so far, last night

The real shock from last night's show, however, was from a behind the scenes section, where it was revealed that to keep 10 D-list celebrities in the "jungle" for three weeks and film them doing revolting challenges takes a mind boggling-sized crew of 771 people!  

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