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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Betsy Blue English

Now our Saturday evening guilty pleasure is Strictly Come Dancing and frankly we want nothing to do with the most manipulated "reality" competition on TV, the evil mastermind Simon Cowell's X Factor.  However, the other week we were flicking through the channels after Strictly and watched a bit of X Factor featuring a teen group called Only the Young who seemed as anodyne as semolina.  Last night we saw them in one of the highlights sequences in the show and in the interim since we first saw them the producers have taken the blonde girl member of the group and sexed her up to the max. She is now quite a slinky little piece. 

A little research has shown that she rejoices in the name of Betsy-Blue (her real name, it seems) English.  She doesn't seem to the the brightest spark and it is noticeable that she never gets interviewed on any of the X Factor programmes (partly because of her particularly mangled version of Estuary English, we suspect). 

She can't really sing but that hasn't been a requirement for female singers in the pop industry for some years.  Looking nice is paramount, singing can be sorted using technology.  It also turns out she is just eighteen.  Now Triple P much prefers women to girls but she is nicely packed (especially from behind) with potential.  In fact that 1940s song by Merle Travis So round, so firm, so fully packed, comes to mind. It will be interesting to see how many more of her clothes the producers get her to dispense with next week.  As young people would say today: "Fit"!  A nice Saturday evening distraction!

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