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Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Grr!

All day today Agent Triple P's inbox has been flooded with Black Friday offers from just about every online retailer we have ever bought anything from.  What is this Black Friday nonsense, anyway?  Why are we, in Britain, adopting a custom based on an American holiday?  It's yet another ghastly invasion from across the Atlantic which is leading to fights in shops as people wrestle over what don't really look like very good bargains anyway, for the most part.  It is Amazon's fault, of course, who first introduced it here in 2010.  We are appalled to see retailers like John Lewis adopting it.  It's like the pernicious spread of Halloween, something that used not to be celebrated here at all.

We certainly don't intend to buy from any retailer today who supports this alien concept!


  1. The ugly face of capitalism, as you would expect from an import from the USA.

    The BBC had a round up of the damages.