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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tina Barrett

Rachel, Hannah, Jo and Tina

Children in Need is a BBC charity telethon and was on last Friday.  Making an appearance were teen favourites from a few years ago, S Club 7.  It was interesting to see how the four young ladies from the band have matured since their debut 15 tears ago.   Most of them have worn very well.  Rachel Stevens (36) and Hannah Spearritt (32) still looked fabulous.  Jo O'Meara (35) looked like a school dinner lady about to go out to an S&M party.  The real surprise was Tina Barrett (38) who looked so fantastic in her purple metallic shorts that they sold out at the high street store they came from, in a day.  

Barrett always had a great body although she didn't get the attention that the divine Rachel (who was FHM's sexiest woman for 2014) did.  

Tina posed with her other female band mates for FHM back in January 2001 and looked poutingly gorgeous.

However, seeing her in motion last week we were very struck by the fact that she possess really good, solid haunches, as she displays in this candid shot.  A trim waist but a really chunky upper thigh/bottom combination as her shorts delightfully emphasised.  Splendid!

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