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Thursday, December 4, 2014

More Laura Whitmore

To our shame, we continue to watch the dire I'm a Celebrity Get me out of Here Now! show just to gaze upon the Viagra substitutes which are Laura Whitmore's legs.  Her skirts have been getting so short we suspect that we will be able to see her knickers soon, with Friday's little white skirt being particularly effective.

The white skirt could even have been shorter than the fetching blue and white shorts she wore last Tuesday.

FHM, jumping on the bandwagon, have been quick to dig out some pictures of Laura taken a couple of years ago.  



  1. Laura is a very beautiful and sexy woman. Unlike most of the vacuous tv presenters we have today she seems to have real charm and a bit of personality and, the ability to handle live tv!

    Hopefully, she can go further in broadcasting.