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Monday, February 2, 2015

Ra Ra Ra Patriots!

So, a very exciting Superbowl in the end, with the result not settled until the last twenty seconds (how on earth did Seattle lose that one?). This was the first Superbowl, it seems, where both teams had their cheerleaders at the game.  We don't know if the TV director was a Seahawks fan but you wouldn't have known the New England ladies were there as every shot of the cheerleaders seemed to be of the Sea Gals (good grief - easily the most cringe-making name in the NFL).  But the babes from Boston had the last laugh so here, to redress the balance, are a nice half dozen  celebrating afterwards.  Now guess who has overdone the spray tan!

Wed take the one on the right straight back to our jacuzzi at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel after the game, thank you very much, and treat her to a Tequila Sunrise!

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