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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Big Painting Challenge

Agent Triple P isn't sure quite how many Great British-type (insert tedious domestic subject - Bake-off, Sewing Bee, interior design challenge) competition programmes the BBC can come up with but we are quite enjoying the new one on painting.  Here a group of ten amateur artists are set challenges every week (portraiture, still life, perspective, buildings, landscapes etc.) and have to produce three artworks per week in a knock-out competition.  Not surprisingly, given its 6.00pm time slot they are not being asked to do a life drawing which is an odd omission, otherwise, in covering artistic genres.  The BBC should have brazened it out and had them all poised around some (no doubt) fat ugly naked people.  Oh well.

Or they could have drawn one of the contestants: Twenty year old Cambridge University languages student, the luminously lovely Claire Parker, who is a perfect Pre-Raphaelite subject.  As an artist himself Triple P would love to see Claire lightly draped in some see-through fabric, lolling on a marble bench like an Alma-Tadema painting come to life.  Splendid!


  1. Speaking of raphaelite subjects, the other day I discovered a Canadian model who's really splendid, in my opinion. It's on Deviantart as NicoleNudes and has a tumblr site, Now that's something to paint!

    1. Thanks for her! Sumptuous is the word!